Digital Number Order System

Android powered order number display

Number Display

Based on the Android 4+ OS we have developed a Number Display Application.

Targeted mainly towards Cafes & Bistros this is a complete stand alone system that allows either kitchen staff or POS operators to display ready order numbers to the people awaiting the order.

This product requires 2 Android devices to run, a sender and a receiver. The sender is a small screen device used for the keypad to type in and clear off the numbers. The receiver is typically an Android device plugged into the side of a small monitor, the screen size of the receiver can be anywhere from 4″ all the way up to 70″.

The devices communicate via a Wi-Fi router, all the equipment is supplied and setup prior to shipment to your specifications, this unit is designed to run out of the box as a standalone system. Optional mounting equipment can also be supplied at your request.

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HX-2500 With Stand

Hx4500 Pole mount

Pole Mounted HX4500