Tensai2000 – ECR programming and report taking

Application software Tensai2000 ( Japanese word means Genius in English ) is designed to facilitate ECR programming and report taking.

  • ECR programming
    You can edit the programming data of ECR and download to ECR.
    Upload the programming data from ECR, save/edit on PC and send back to ECR.
  • Report polling
    ECR report data can be collected/saved and viewed on PC.

Multiple networks and remote sites control

Differently from PLM2000, Tensai2000 can control multiple networks or sites.

  • Network with same series ECR
    The same series of Uniwell ECRs can have same programming/report data, then Tensai2000 can control the bunch of ECRs at a time as one network.
  • Site with multiple networks
    Tensai2000 can handle a site with multiple networks composed of different ECR series.
  • Multiple sites connected by modem
    Tensai2000 can control multiple sites connected by modem from remote head office.

ECR programming

Virtually any preset data can be edited and sent to ECRs from PC.

GUI (Graphical User Interface) enables user friendly edit functions. For instance, as shown in the right, Touch Screen key layout is shown visually which helps you make key layout with actual position, colors, captions very easily.

ECR Report

Collecting reports data from ECRs of single/multiple networks/sites, Tensai2000 shows the report neatly. The reports printed by PC printer (e.g. A4 size paper) give you better overview than the report printed by ECR printer itself.

You can use AP4T2000 in order to take multiple reports at a time manually or automatically at a programmed time.

Import/ Export function

In addition to the above, Tensai2000 provides Import/ Export function, which transfers programming/report data in between other PC application and Tensai2000.

For example, it is possible to export report data in CSV or HTML format for further analysis by Excel, Access or whatever.

If you have your own back office software, you can customize programming/reporting functions using this Import/Export function.

Site Configuration

ECR programming

ECR Report

System Configuration