PLM2000 – Program Loader Module

PLM2000 is the Program Loader Module software used to edit and upload/download all the necessary ECR preset data between PC and ECR.

From PLU, Clerk, Customer File to Table Plan and more, PLM2000 will help an operator to easily program an ECR.

What’s more, PLM2000 is free!

Programming ONE ECR at a time

We provide PLM2000 free of charge for our distributors/dealers who need to preset ECR for end- users. Basic features are:

  1. Upload preset data from ECR
  2. Edit and save preset data of ECR
    GUI (Graphical User Interface) enables user friendly edit functions. For instance, as shown in the right, Touch Screen key layout is shown visually which helps you make key layout with actual position, colors, captions very easily. Same thing can be said for creating key sheets for keyboards.
  3. Send back edited preset data to ECR

PLM2000 is limited for 1 to 1 environment only (for an ECR connected via RS232C) If multiple ECRs are required to be programmed at a time, please use Uniwell Lynx
Uniwell Lynx enables you to control multiple ECRs of the same or different models over multiple sites. What’s more, report polling is available with Uniwell Lynx as well as many many more features.